Hi! My name is Darryl Hawley. I am 47 years old. I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic over a year ago, I have high blood pressure, at one point it was 175/ 95, my good cholesterol was almost non existent in my body and the bad cholesterol was very, very high I had a fatty liver as well. Unfortunately I am the guilty party for letting it get that way. I have tried a lot of diet fads out there and nothing seemed to work “UNTIL” God brought something across my path that has changed my life.

I am talking about a company called Skinny Body Care. I was like most people who make the excuses as to why I can’t do it, yet complained I needed to lose the weight for health reasons. When you are close to having strokes or heart attacks then it should not even be a question as to what you need to do. Well I decided that I needed to do something about my weight, because my family needed me. So I joined Skinny Body Care as a distributor, because my health depended upon it and I could always use extra money. Well that was back in July, that I started with the company and started taking Skinny Fiber in August and let me tell you they delivered on their promise.

I started their 90 day challenge program, took the product and 90 days later I am down 15 lbs, and lost 8 inches overall off my body. I started at 265 lbs and now weigh 250 lbs. I just went to the doctor to get the results of my fasting blood work, and let me tell you I am excited. The news was awesome, my blood sugar levels over the last three months averaged out at 6. 6, that is a big drop from last year when it was 23. My good cholesterol is up, the bad cholesterol is down, my kidneys and liver function is good, my thyroid is good, and my blood pressure is coming down.

I sleep better, my energy levels are up and I am enjoying my life, all thanks to my God and to Skinny Body Care and their amazing product Skinny Fiber. My main goal is to help others lose that stubborn weight, so why not join me in defeating obesity and become a part of a growing revolution on weight loss. Let me help you achieve your weight loss goals. You owe it too yourself and you have nothing to lose but the weight. Remember your body did not get the way it is over night and the weight won’t come off over night either. Below I have posted some links.

For customers: http://Darryl223. SkinnyFiberRetail.com For the 90 day challenge: http://Darryl223. SBC90DayChallenge.com For a business opportunity: http://Darryl223. OneBigPowerline.com All our products come with a money back guarantee, which varies depending on the amount of product you order. If you order just 1 bottle of Skinny Fiber: It has a 30 day money back guarantee. If you order the 2 pack and 1 free: It has a 90 day money back guarantee If you order the 3 pack get 3 free: It has a 90 day money back guarantee We also have a Teen weight loss challenge for those of you who have teens that struggle with obesity.

Here is the link:http://Darryl223. sbcteenchallenge.com We also have a skin care product as well for those of you interested in looking younger. Here is the link for the skin care product:http://Darryl223. AgelessHealthySkin.com If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you.

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